Welcome to Shelbourne Design, my name is Paul Shelbourne and I am 23 years of age, I am currently in my first year of HNC/HND.

Within my first year I have done many units such as:

  • Business skills in E-commerce
  • Computer Systems
  • Employability
  • Website Design
  • Object orientated programming (Java)
  • Procedural Programming (C++)
  • Software Application Testing
  • Event driven programming(vb.net)
  • Networking solutions

As my first year (HNC) Is ending, I have up to now achieved a distinction in every unit, as well as obtaining these grades I have undertook extracurricular activities such as:

  • SQL 1
  • SQL 2
  • SQL 3
  • Photoshoot &interview for the attraction of new students

Shelbourne design is all about myself expressing what I have learnt and understood throughout the year and giving employee’s the ability to see how I have progressed with each year, I currently develop WordPress websites in my spare time.